Reed Foundation

"It is not the will of your Father in Heaven that one of these little ones should be lost."

—Jesus, Matthew 18:14 ISV

If you’ve never met Coach Keith Reed, you really ought to jump in your car and make the drive to his boxing centerin North Tulsa.

Coach Reed has this gruff voice and tenderhearted passion for young people who others have written off as nobodies—going nowhere. His stories will reduce you to tears. And his relentless devotion to the kids in our city has moved us to find a way to help him!

Coach Reed leads the Reed Foundation, a boxing gym that serves as a sanctuary for at-risk young people. Learning to box has given hundreds of teenagers a new passion, and a place to retreat from the perilous streets and often tumultuous home life they face each day. And the most beautiful part of this project is this: Coach Reed talks real life and the real Jesus with every single one of these young people. And his radical compassion is changing lives!

Right now, Coach Reed’s greatest need is to expand his training center, to enable him to reach more kids. They need to completely demo a wall to renovate and enlarge the scope of this outreach. The cost for this entire project is $25,000, and we are going to cover it! Perhaps you’ve never been to North Tulsa. It’s a part of our beloved city, and it’s filled with good people and great kids. Let’s take this opportunity to make a difference in their lives!

Where: Tulsa

Funding: $25,000