Protus Onyango

"You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

—Jesus, John 8:32 CEV

We are going to build a library for the people of Sega, Kenya. This village, like many other villages in Kenya, has been denied education which is often their only way out of poverty. The people in Sega currently have no access to what we consider to be common resources like books, internet access, and all the information we take for granted in this digital age.

Constructed out of simple cinder block and a strong metal roof, this brand new library will be a game-changer for this Kenyan community. Ideas will be birthed, and history will come to life as families have the opportunity to be enlightened and inspired by books!

We have partnered with our friend, Protus Onyango and his family, for the past three years. They will oversee the operation of this brand new center for learning as a part of their outreach to the people of this village. Along with a significant collection of biographies, fiction, non-fiction, novels, history books, and more, the scripture and a host of Christ-centered literature will be prominent.

Are you ready for the good news? The land has already been purchased and paid for and all the books have been bought, inventoried in a shipping container, and are ready to be stocked. The cost of construction is just $25,000. Let’s build Sega, Kenya a library!

Where: Kenya

Funding: $25,000