Hope is Alive

"He has sent Me to proclaim freedom to the captives."

—Jesus, Luke 4:18 HCSB

Meet Mindy.

“Three surgeries led me to an addiction to opiates. The withdrawals felt like death. One day, a ‘friend’ of mine offered me meth, telling me it would help with the withdrawals. I was desperate, so I tried it. It wasn’t long before I was completely imprisoned
by the chains of drug addiction. Over the next seven years, I was living in hotel rooms, running the streets and hit bottom when I was beaten and raped. I finally admitted myself into a
Hope is Alive Recovery Home on November 7, 2017. Now the good news. Jesus has completely healed my broken heart, and I am alive and thriving today!”

Hope is Alive has seven recovery homes in Oklahoma. And check this out: they have a 94% sober success rate with their graduates! Why? Because they do recovery differently. Their three- phase program is laser-focused on Jesus, restoring family relationships, equipping each resident with life-skills, and then teaching them how to be leaders in their world.

Right now, their greatest need is a new women’s recovery home in Tulsa. And that’s where we come in. Together, we are going to cover the entire cost of buying and equipping this brand new “comeback house” for women in Tulsa who are captive to addiction. Imagine these precious lives walking into this home beaten down by this world and walking out knowing they are beloved daughters of God, transformed by Jesus to make a difference in their family and community!

Where: Tulsa

Funding: $250,000