God Behind Bars

"I was in prison and you visited Me."

—Jesus, Matthew 25:36 NET

Think for a moment back to when you were a child.

Now imagine that your Dad or Mom have been locked up in prison. You rarely get to see them, and when you do, your short visit is encompassed by guards, walls, and bars, and your incarcerated parent is behind a thick window. As a child, you may leave this bewildering moment with less hope than before you came.

This is why Christmas Day of 2019, we are partnering withGod Behind Bars to create an unforgettable experience for the children and spouses of inmates at our two Oklahoma prison campuses. As you know, we have weekend services at Dick Conner Men’s Correctional Center and Dr. Eddie Warrior Women’s Correctional Center.

So what would radical compassion look like at Christmas for these families? Here’s a glimpse: we are going to transform a huge room in each prison into a breathtaking winter wonder- land, with all kinds of activities that will bring families closer together. This entire day of celebration, dinner, and gift-giving will be tailored to open up a new gateway for Mom or Dad to be the hero on Christmas day.

We believe this is going to create a pathway for reconciliation in these families as Christ is invited into the conversations. Each moment of this day will be intentional in nurturing creative ways to allow Mom and Dad to begin the forgiveness and relationship building process. Our compassion investment for both correctional centers is $50,000. Thank you for helping create an avenue for the love of Jesus to knit the hearts of families back together!

Where: Oklahoma

Funding: $50,000