We bring restoration and support to people recovering from addiction and substance abuse through recovery programs, small group discipleship, and our partnerships with local recovery homes.

To understand Hope Is Alive’s vision to help addicts find freedom, you have to know the story of its founder, Lance Lang. Lang was a fifty-pill-a-day drug addict, but in 2011, he got clean, stayed sober, and turned his life around.

"When I began to walk through sobriety, I realized very early on that God had a call on my life. The way Hope Is Alive started was just me and five guys living in a house. I was able to convince them of this vision about an intentional program that was going to take their lives to places they’ve never gone before. Before long, others were calling, asking, ‘Is there room for me?’" - Lang

Seven years later, Hope Is Alive has 17 recovery homes. Since its inception, Lance and his team, comprised of individuals who have experienced addiction firsthand, have had 800 people go through the program. Church on the Move is fully bought into this mission, that’s why each of our churches have "adopted a house", providing personal needs, leading small groups, and hosting Culture Nights to celebrate milestones. Additionally, through our 2019 Compassion Offering, we purchased their first women’s recovery home in Tulsa.

We believe that recovery programs are transformative for our city and state, that's why through our 2020 Compassion Offering, we are dedicated to partnering with Hope Is Alive financially to help them fulfill their God-given mission to radically change the lives of drug addicts, alcoholics, and the loved ones affected by the impact of addiction.

More Partnerships & Projects
Hope Is Alive
Light of Hope

Light of Hope is a nonprofit ministry in Claremore and Catoosa for families and individuals facing addiction. They provide guidance to families and partnership with those struggling through support groups, monthly panels, and quarterly seminars that focus on addiction and recovery education, as well as community education and school awareness education.

Hope Is Alive

Hope Is Alive is an organization that inspires hope, builds foundations, and changes the lives of people affected by addiction through Christ-centered, sober-living homes, family of addicts support groups, and strategic church partnerships. In 2019, we helped Hope Is Alive build a sober-living home for women in Tulsa, and we're excited to continue support their four homes right here in Tulsa.

Wings of Freedom

Wings of Freedom is a sober-living community doing its part to break the cycle of incarceration by walking alongside people on the path to recovery and reintegration into society. Through Christ-centered community, support group meetings, Celebrate Recovery's 12-Step program, and employment services, residents are taking steps towards lasting sobriety.

New Hope Eurasia | Moldova

New Hope Eurasia has been ministering in Eastern European countries for more than 40 years. Their focus is simple: they want to reach the next generation! Through youth clubs, school programs, orphanages, teen transitional homes, and camps, they are introducing kids and students to the real Jesus. They’re also fighting alongside churches and government agencies to eliminate human trafficking in Moldova. In 2020, a major international outreach for their team is to provide Gospel-centered after school programs and camps for more than 100,000 kids and youth.