Real Jesus.

Radical Compassion.

Because the first-century church had encountered the real Jesus, radical compassion marked their peculiarity. They shared their possessions with those who were poor. They cared for the widows who had been left to fend alone. They collected offerings for distressed believers in other cities. If you were beat down and broken by the world, it wouldn’t be long before a Christian would show up.

These early Christians were on the move—searching out the hurting among them. They couldn’t not care because they knew Jesus cared.
And they changed the world.

We are a Church on the Move.

To us, that means moving toward heartache and brokenness, not away from it. We have a big dream of raising $2.5 million so that we can move into action toward our neighbors in our cities and throughout the world.

Will you join us in this Jesus movement of radical compassion?

Our 2019 Compassion Offering will be received on the weekend of December 15-16.